About WeighMyGear

WeighMyGear is a free app, designed to help you weight-conscious backpackers, climbers, mountaineers, backcountry skiers and adventure travelers plan, shop and pack for your next trip.

The WeighMyGear online pack-weight calculator contains weight data on thousands of outdoor gear products, from hundreds of top name brands, as well as from many cottage manufacturers. Our pack-weight calculator can provide a very close estimate of the total weight of your loaded backpack, without even opening your gear closet!

Choose from one of our activity-based equipment checklists to help you get started. You'll find everthing you need, from clothing, shelter and food to personal and safety items, technical equipment and more. And if you don't, you can simply add your own items.

If you don't find your gear listed in our database, simply enter your own gear, along with its weight, and it will be added to your pack. You can even make custom weight adjustments to gear already in our database.

Use this site as a resource and guide when purchasing, organizing and packing your outdoor gear. If you are just beginning your equipment collection, you can also use this tool to assemble your dream pack before ever spending a dime.